Can Every Girl Learn to Squirt?


I’m often asked by men and women if all women can learn to squirt.

I wish that the answer was a simple yes or no, but there are just so many factors that play into whether or not she ever will experience a female ejaculation during her orgasm.

Turning to science is no help.

There have been a great many studies done on the subject.

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The results are inconclusive when taken as a whole, some say yes and some say no. What has been scientifically proven is that all women have some version of ejaculate.

Whether or not every woman has the ability to join the lucky few that do squirt copious amounts is not likely to be answered conclusively any time soon.

But my opinion is that it is possible for most if we truly want to. I wanted to, and I trained myself to squirt.

The biggest obstacle to female ejaculation becoming widespread is our heads.

Centuries of training have taught women that we have to be retake our own sexuality,, and that certain deeds are dirty or wrong.

If we can saints in the bedroom, then all women can experience what I already do… earth shattering full-body ejaculating orgasms!