How To Deal With Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain may have multiple causes such as arthritis, a torn rotator cuff, a torn cartilage and a swollen tendon.

Some people may also develop bone spurs, which are also very painful. It is also possible that the pain in your shoulder is a consequence of another medical condition such as heart disease and gallbladder disease.

This is why a proper diagnosis is required before attempting any treatment of your shoulder pain.

If this pain is accompanied by difficulties in breathing, you should call the emergency services, because you might be suffering from a heart attack.

If your only symptoms are the pain and swelling, redness or tenderness around your joint, you should call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

Meanwhile, you should try to get some rest, take painkillers and apply an ice pack to your shoulder for a few minutes a day.

When in doubt, seek for immediate medical attention. It’s better to have a doctor examine your shoulder, in order to recommend you the right treatment as early as possible.

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This could speed up your recovery, so don’t wait for too long to get professional examination and advice.

This is what doctors are for, anyway.