sex educator extraordinaire

And I’ve also become very open (and even skilled) at reading and understanding my partners erotic blueprint.


And now my friend, colleague, and sex educator extraordinaire, Jaiya has created an unbelievably cool program around sexual blueprints that lets you take this idea to an incredible level of mastery.


To start, all week she has been giving away an amazing “mini-course” in sexual blueprints, which you access by taking the the erotic blueprint quiz here >>


You MUST take this quiz.  It’s fun, and it’s very interesting, and you will absolutely learn things about your own sexuality and turn-ons. 


I liked it so much that I grabbed my wife and went through it a second time with her, and it was great! 


I strongly recommend that if you are in a relationship that you take it together (twice, so that you can each answer and get your results, but it’s fun to hear your partner’s answers).


THE NEXT STEP: review of naked u


The info you get from the quiz is great, but if you are serious about really wanting to understand your own sexuality and how to get exactly what you want and need to have the best sex of YOUR life…