The Best (explicit) Guide For Sex Positions & Demonstrations

NOTE:  There are only a few hours left to get in on Season 2 of Naked U, but there’s still a chance to get yours here >>


A big thank you to the many of you who emailed me your reviews of Naked U in the past few days. It sounds like everyone agrees that this program is a real winner, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have recommended it.


There have been multiple complaints about one aspect:  If you choose to get the web-streaming version (and not to get the DVD box set), apparently you cannot download the videos, but must watch them online.  This has been an annoyance for several of my readers, which is understandable…

Incredible Sex Video Series Isabella Stone


But in the spirit of full disclosure, all of my newer programs are the same way because the extent of internet piracy threatens to put folks like me and Gaby out of business.  It’s a crap situation for everyone.


Also, my apologies to the many of you who took offense that I think the stripping teachers is a silly gimmick, and yes, yes, you’re right:  They’re hot.  But I still think it’s kind of silly.