Why Female Orgasms Can Be Stronger Than Male Orgasms


There is a theory that women actually have stronger, and more consistent, orgasms as a result of their genetic makeup. Perhaps women are simply designed to have orgasms much more easily.

This is a theory that may actually be true, especially when you look at what happens to a man once he has ejaculated.

A woman is able to have multiple orgasms, and seems to be able to recover very quickly, and part of that reason is that not all women actually have a full on female ejaculation.

On the other hand, men are going to expend themselves almost completely, and it will take quite some time for the semen to build up, and for their body to recover.

Other Reasons Female Orgasms Can Be Much More Potent

Another reason that has been proposed for the incredible strength of a female orgasm is that women are emotional beings more so than men.

Men are driven by more physical things, and their genetic makeup is designed to get them to have intercourse, solely for the purpose of reproduction.

However, it is likely that women are not designed in that way which is why squirting does not happen for most.


As a result of that, they are able to have stronger, as well as more consistent and long-lasting orgasms, especially since they are more emotionally connected which is part of the key to becoming aroused.